Diaboromon Ace
[P-114 (3rd Anniversary Survey Pack) ]

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    Set: Promotional Cards
    Card type: Digimon
    Rarity: Promo
    Digi type: Unidentified
    Play Cost: 6
    Form: Mega
    Attribute: Unknown
    Digivolve Cost: 3
    Digivolve Cost Level: 5
    [Hand] [Counter] [Blast Digivolve] (One of your Digimon may digivolve into this card without paying the cost.) [When Digivolving] [When Attacking] You may play 1 [Diaboromon] (Digimon/Cost 14/Lv. 6/White/Mega/Unidentified/Unknown/3000 DP) Token without paying the cost. [All Turns] [Once Per Turn] When an effect plays another Digimon, you may delet 1 of your opponent's play cost 3 or lower Digimon. For each of your [Diaboromon], add 2 to the maximum play cost for this effect. Overflow "-4" (When this card would move from the battle area or under a card to another area, lose 4 memory.)

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